Thursday, August 18, 2011

What is the Sierra Hub?

One challenge that lies ahead for the Sierra Nevada region just like so many others is to unite a highly diverse population toward a few common goals in spite of perceived competition between our various interests. Some of these items compete for our attention while many others have solutions yet undiscovered. The goal of the Sierra Hub is to rapidly deliver value to the community and evidence of its value in helping people come together to communicate better about those things that are most important. The Sierra Hub itself is simply an integrated set of tools supporting improved measurement, understanding and action around the issues.

The approach and the technology developed standing behind the Sierra Hub began in 2007 as part of a community health networking solution. It went live in the community of Corpus Christi, Texas on January 1, 2010 and by the end of its first year had engaged over 30,000 members of the 300,000 in the area.

Regardless, as a parent and a person concerned with the unsustainable lifestyles that are ever present, the real challenge ahead for us now lies in moving beyond the time wasting side of  "online social networking" and instead leverage the Internet as a tool for influencing individuals to make sustainable choices and to share their success stories.

Why Me?:
With over twenty years experience across many industries including mobile and wireless, I was one of the first people involved with delivering location via cell phones. In 1998 we used this technology to deliver Emergency location (called E911) and also a novel system for telling skiiers in Austria which runs to take in order to arrive at the shortest lift line.

I've designed smart home systems that automatically reduce utility costs and integrate with your cell phone.

I am also a recognized leader in the field of modern day telemedicine and mobile health, an opportunity ripe for discussion and a key ingredient to addressing sustainable health care practices in the Region. Several of my innovations are now embedded within the health care industry's software systems. And, new clinical methods for treating chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes are based on my research. In 2002, I designed the GlucoMON®, a wireless device which attaches to a blood sugar meter used for remotely monitoring, educating and rewarding patients with diabetes. My inaugural patient-focused research trial tested several community and peer group concepts (think Twitter + Facebook + Healthcare). One feature of this system was to trigger real-time blood sugar alerts from a child's blood sugar meter to their parent's cell phone as a text message. A new blood glucose meter with GlucoMON embedded inside the blood sugar meter has just recently been cleared by the FDA for commercial sale as of July 2011. My team also built their prototype.

Of the various community driven initiatives that I'm involved in, I would very much like my next big contribution to be helping others to make progress toward sustainable communities including the Sierra Nevada region. I hope you will join me in this mission and help to spread the word to others who want to participate and even others across the globe who may want a version of this for their own community and/or purpose.

Finally, don't just sit there. Comment or send me a message to let me know what you think!

Thank you,

Kevin L McMahon
Auburn / Sacramento, CA